Countryside Weddings

Countryside Weddings

Countryside weddings have dominated the wedding world in the past few years. With great opportunities for big open spaces, mystical and magical settings with an informal vibe, weddings in the sticks seem to be very popular.

3 reasons why Putter Madness love a countryside wedding:


1. The endless space

Usually when we attend a countryside wedding, we have so much choice of where to set up our portable crazy golf course, which means we can be in the ideal spot for guests to spot us and come and have some crazy golf fun!


2. Relaxed vibes

A countryside wedding always has a great feel to it. Everyone usually seems very relaxed and ready to party. Crazy golf entertainment usually adds to the celebrations’ and adds something extra special on the day.


3. Beautiful scenery

We are so lucky to visit lots of different locations around the UK. We love authentic, DIY weddings that say something about the people. Putter Madness love unique locations for people to play a round of crazy golf in!


Wherever you may be thinking of getting married, let us know and we’d love to be part of your special day. Find out more about our wedding packages.

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