5 Reasons Why You Should Have Crazy Golf At Your Wedding

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Crazy Golf At Your Wedding

1. First impressions

‘Wow! We can play crazy golf at a wedding!’ Times are changing and people are upping their games to ensure their guests have the best day ever. In our experience, people feel a sense of excitement about friendly competition between family and friends. It also looks amazing when you step into the reception and you can be a big kid again! Believe us, people run over to Putter Madness before anything else.


2. Instead of the awkward mingle

There are only so many times you can ask the question ‘Wow, I haven’t seen you in years, how have you been?’ What better way than making polite conversation than to ask ‘Fancy a quick game of crazy golf?’ It’s the best way to avoid awkward small talk and the best way to bond with your long lost family members.


3. After lunch lull

Right, we’ve had the ceremony, the welcome drinks and lunch. Now what can we do? Anyone that says there isn’t an after lunch lull at a wedding is lying, there is always a lunch time lull after all of the morning excitement. This is when Putter Madness is at its most popular. People have got a few drinks in them and the competition really gets going!


4. Bringing people together since 2019

Family competition between the bridal parties is the best way to get to know each other! No awkward introductions, just simple, harmless fun on our putter madness course. The chat will just flow once you have completed the course and become a champion on the Putter Madness court.


5. The aftermath

Do people talk about your ceremony and reception in the weeks after your wedding? No. Do they talk about all the people they beat, played with and met on the Putter Madness court? YES! It’s amazing to see what a difference a crazy golf course can make to your day. There’s always cheering, clapping and laughter coming from the course, and you will see the most unlikely pairings putting it out for the win!


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